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BBC Three

In late 2017 I took part in the BBC Three series Things Not To Say, in an episode focused on Tourette’s. The programme seeks to address common myths about disabilities, health conditions or groups of people, boosting awareness and giving marginalised people a voice. I’ve been asked to take part in several TV programmes now, but this was the most positive experience with a great team behind the show.

BBC Three’s Things Not To Say To People With Tourette’s


BBC Radio 5 Live

In January 2019 I took part in the BBC Radio 5 Live programme 5 Live Investigates, looking into Tourette’s, pain management and mental health. A recording of the broadcast can be found on BBC iPlayer or via the Five Live Investigates podcast.

BBC 5 Live Investigates – People with Tourette’s struggling to get help


Here is a link to an article in the Metro aimed at increasing awareness of Tourette’s.

The misconceptions of Tourette’s make it harder to live with the syndrome

Time To Change

The below article was written as part of Time To Changes campaign to boost awareness of mental health.

I have been told to ‘man up’ over my mental health


Men’s Running magazine

In 2016 I took part in Men’s Running’s Big Marathon Challenge. I produced regular columns and several videos tracking my progress in training for the Brighton and London marathons. This also provided a chance to discuss men’s mental health and the impact of Tourette’s on running and exercise to a new audience.





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