People often seem bewildered that it’s not simple to receive treatment for Tourette’s. Firstly, that there isn’t a cure or specific medication we all take and secondly that it isn’t as easy as asking the doctor for help. In the past I’ve been reluctant to share my experience of treatment as I didn’t want to… Read More Treatment


I’ve been trying to update this for a long time but ultimately worsening Tourette’s has stopped me. I’m sure the absence of blogs has been a priority for many people over the last two years. While the pandemic has added a lot of material to cover, the energy spent on dealing with increasingly difficult circumstances… Read More Update

Just a Joke

I keep randomly shouting out “write some original material you lazy fucks”.  I think I might have Tourette’s comedy Tourette’s. Apologies in advance if this blog offends you and apologies if this blog doesn’t offend you as much as you’d like. The annual “best joke of the Edinburgh fringe” list was just released, with a… Read More Just a Joke


It can be so difficult to describe pain in any condition. The severity, location, type of pain, whether it’s constant or changeable. It can be frustrating when you talk to a doctor on a day when you’re feeling better, or trying to explain to friends that if it wasn’t hurting so much today, you wouldn’t… Read More Pain


‘I had no idea, I just assumed you were a bit weird’ said one friend in response to my first blog about living with Tourette’s syndrome. ‘Cheers…and they aren’t mutually exclusive’, I replied. I can’t think of many conditions that have gone from obscurity to part of popular culture for quite such inaccurate reasons. The… Read More Misconception